Ahimsa Yoga with Chris Hurditch

“Are you looking for a Yoga teacher or Yoga Therapist
in the Southern Highlands of NSW.”

Chris Hurditch holds a range of classes on weekdays in Bowral and Moss Vale. They are designed for students who are new to yoga as well as those who have been attending classes for some years. If you have special needs, a private session can be arranged prior to joining a group class.

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About Christine Hurditch

Qualified Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist

Yoga has been a major part of my life for more than 40 years, firstly as a student then as a teacher. In 1996 I decided that I wanted to help others discover the wonderful benefits of this age old philosophy. I then attained a Diploma in Yoga teaching at the International Yoga Teacher's Association.

In 1999, I co-founded the Namaste Yoga Studio in Moss Vale.

Chris's Yoga Style

Classes are structured to include gentle limbering of joints and muscles followed by yoga asanas or postures which are designed to facilitate a well balanced muscle tone with overall flexability of the whole body.
With my support and guidance students will learn to explore yoga beyond the physical realm. They will discover the life changing benefits that yoga has to offer. A sense of calm and well-being is enhanced with the practise of different breathing techniques (pranayama) and also the monitoring of the breath while holding postures. This sense of calm is carried through into the guided relaxation at the end of the class.